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The task function of the slitter is related to the slitting

    Slitter manufacturers tell you about the long-term history of slitter and its basic knowledge. In the contemporary packaging industry, slitter is prepress and India often used as a control of the necessary equipment, pre-press the main slitting raw materials, such as paper, plastic film and so on. This is the raw material manufacturers in order to meet the requirements of customers such as the width of the equipment manufacturers must implement a process. The most widely used in the printing process after the cutting process, the use of cutting machine will be a fixed width of the multi-group pattern printing, composite film is divided into finished film roll to adapt to the back of the active packaging and bagging process.
    The function of the task of cutting machine, many people feel that the function of the task of the cutting machine and slitting machine has nothing to do, and not, I think the function of the task of cutting machine has nothing to do with the following factors: cutting rate, Finished product rate, non-operating occupation time, rigid and so on. Although the slitting rate is a necessary function of the task of the slitter, but assuming the yield is low, not only will cause the task of the machine function is low, and will cause the cost of recovery. Similarly, the assumption that the non-operating occupancy time, such as: transfer machine, knife, tool change, refueling, then explore, change volumes, dealing with headline problems such as consumption of long, pure forward slitter rate, Not a sense of meaning.