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Slitting rewinder to reduce installation time to save a lot

    Slitting and rewinding machine products wear resistance, high temperature, long service life, by many in Europe and the United States of all ages. With more than 40 varieties, widely used in rapier, water jet, jet, claw shuttleless loom, inspection machine, warp knitting machine, circular loom equipment such as cloth roller, dyeing machine, tenter setting machine, printing machine , Printing and dyeing equipment, hoist, shearing machine, grinding machine, pre-shrinking machine, knitting machine, complete equipment and papermaking equipment cloth guide roller, slitting machine, rewinding machine and so on. With natural rubber and synthetic cork cork with non-slip belt firmly adhere to the guide roller slotting machine, effectively improve the friction between the guide roller and the film, but the cork belt will not tear film, film to avoid skidding, making the film more tense. This roller cork strip can be mounted on the machine, eliminating the need for guide rollers to come down, reducing installation time and saving significant cost.