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Slitter manufacturers teach you how to slitter to the locali

    Slitter manufacturers give you a brief overview of the role of slitter rewinder and the slitter how to domestic? Slitter rewinder role is in a shaft will be cut after the various materials into a number of Roll the volume of material, winding reel winding size and consistency of the winding volume determines the quality. In this paper, the factors influencing the output torque of the reeling shaft are studied. Theoretical analysis and experimental verification are used to determine the ideal values ​​of the input pressure and the output torque. This provides a basis for the design and application of the slitter, and has some theoretical and practical applications. value. The relationship between surface roughness and frictional torque of the slip ring is analyzed qualitatively and experimentally to confirm the best roughness of slip ring material to achieve the best working condition. According to the actual work requirements, through the linearization of the performance curve, the slip axis input pressure and output torque close to the actual value of the theoretical value, to achieve the required accuracy to ensure the quality of winding.
    Slitter manufacturers believe that the localization is the introduction of foreign products and technologies, pay attention to digestion and absorption, and gradually the original by the introduction of foreign equipment, products, spare parts, into the production process in the country. High-speed slitting machine processing web speed, can reach 400 per minute, line speed can reach 320 meters per minute. Is a high-efficiency, high-precision processing equipment, currently in the papermaking, printing industry, paper trade in general use. Before the high-speed Slitter-dependent imports, with China's reform and opening up, the introduction of technology, after years of development, technology has matured, high-speed Slitter has been made.