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Tape equipment market unlimited potential

    Tape, also known as adhesive tape, sealing tape, transparent tape. With the socio-economic and people's living standards of the rapid increase, tape has been fully incorporated into all walks of life and people's daily life. (Such as sponge tape, kraft paper tape, transparent tape and colored tape), which are widely used in the wholesale market of different sizes of the products, such as building materials stores, hardware stores, small shops, stationery stores and supermarkets. Food, medicine, cigarette household electrical appliances, daily chemical industry, almost all sectors of the packaging sealing, such as by a prefecture-level city of medium-sized food production enterprises to calculate the use of sealing tape each year at least the cost of more than a dozen More than a million small and medium-sized cities a year of tape market consumption are also more than 10 million yuan.Tape widely used, the use of large, unlimited market potential tape equipment, is indeed laid-off unemployed, the second occupation and tertiary industry investment And set up factories in the ideal choice.