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The coating machine should be in the work of some problems

    Many parts of the coating machine with the passage of time will appear wear and tear of the phenomenon, in particular, dryer head dryer and roller roller bearing room two parts more prone to wear and tear phenomenon. Our traditional repair methods are surfacing, thermal spraying, brush plating and so on, but not to say that these methods can repair the coating machine thoroughly repaired, often because of the welding of the reasons for some parts of the surface Of the temperature reached the coating machine can withstand the temperature, so it is easy to make the coating machine deformation or crack, and even worse when there will be shaft fracture.
    The second is to deal with plating when the coating is not too thick, so you can reduce the pollution caused by the environment, of course, some applications will be limited as well. Now the science and technology development faster and faster, then the above problems will naturally be over time and more efficient solution, and later we will slowly focus on those who focus on the strength and compressive strength of the more powerful Material, so that you can reduce the wear of the coating machine.
    Current coaters are also prone to base damage when mixing concrete due to corrosion, aging, and vibration of the equipment at work, which can cause wear and tear, To some extent, also the concrete base and other parts of the damage, so that will make the fastening device bolts appear loose, and even affect the production efficiency.